I’m a chick with a crazy love for (and soon to be a degree in) advertising. I'm a copywriter. But, I must admit, before this, my heart belonged to other careers.

My first love was acting- I was on one episode of Barney as a child. I learned how to memorize lines, smile under an inhumane amount of orange face makeup, and take criticism in a room filled with intimidating grownups. I was 7.  It wasn’t for another 10 years that I stumbled upon my second love, my high school sweetheart. I started making and selling clothing on the internet. I was sending clothes to places I’d never even dreamed of going, like Greece and Columbus, Ohio. While I did love designing my stuff- I love loved branding it.

Both of these past loves have brought me here, to UT, better than Google Maps ever could. I’m just a dud of a child star, failed entrepreneur, type of copywriter in love with advertising- let’s do dinner and a movie! (or email works too)  

check out my acting chops : 

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